Sunday, February 20, 2011

~"Why Fit In When You Were Born to Stand Out?" ~

     So, Did you miss me????? I didn't blog last week, as there was not training to blog about. I did last week's long run the prior week & skipped the mid week runs to recover. I started questioning this week's training early in the week. My kids got the plague the virus/upper respiratory infection/tonsillitis that refuses to go away. I left work early Tuesday & spent 3 hours in a doc in the box clinic & an additional hour in Walgreens. Thankfully they are finally showing signs of improvement, but STILL not back to normal. Since my DH is working on the road, that leaves me to work, take care of sick kiddos and oh yeah, train for a mini marathon. I tried everything I could to get them to feel better........ It's been a long week but.......    We made it.


   This week has been very interesting as far as people go. I am amazed daily by things people say and do. I wish I could say this week that I was pleasantly surprised by the words and actions of people, but so not the case. But, in reality, people are people and nobody's perfect, right? So, please don't expect me to be. I have come to a point in my life where I really don't care, OK I do, but it's like this: If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all to me. My life will go on if you don't like me, or my choices. I am happy in my own skin & how I am living my life. If you have nothing positive to bring to my life, please go away. Pretty simple. We all need positive people in our lives. Yes, haters serve a purpose, but I hope they don't expect me to thank them. That is all. I have a lot of great people in my life that love me, support me & inspire me. "Those who mind don't matter, and those who matter, don't mind" ~ Dr. Seuss
I am feeling very connected with his quotes today :)

I ran past this today.. what a great sign to see each time go go to and fro your home "INSPIRATION"

Isn't she stunning? <3
        After seeing several blogs & getting suggestions to try sweaty bands I decided to give them a try. They are a lil pricey for a head band, but so far I am amazed  & feel they are worth the money. I typically can not wear ANY head bands, they ALL pop off, slip off , slide off, and whatever other words there are that describe not staying on my head. I think these may be a new fav for me. :)  I tried Sport Beans this week too. They were ok, I think I need to try again to make a true decision. LOL I did use GU today on my 9 miler. I was not totally impressed the 1st time I had it, but this time I really noticed a difference. It could have been my friend Susan's inspirational 26.2 mile run today !!!!! We will see about the GU. This week despite all the illness & work & preparing my daughter Madisyn for her friend's bat mitzvah ----- It was a  miracle I managed to get my mid week training runs and my 9 miler completed!--- (PDR)!!! Somehow I mis calculated my training weeks, so I am a week AHEAD of the game! Woot! So, this week I will repeat this past weeks training. 9 mile long run, 2 - 5 mile runs , a 3 mile run , some weights & cardio. :) I can't wait for my Garmin Forerunner 305 to get here!!! It will make my training so much more informative . PLEASE HURRY AMAZON DELIVERY GUY!!! <3

     Make it a great week...... ENCOURAGE & INSPIRE someone... You will never meet anyone that doesn't need & crave it & it makes you feel so much better!!! " You're off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!!!!"


Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Things, New Bling & New Rings....

     This week's training was different than any other week. I had to make some adjustments for next weeks "tune up". I frankly can not wait for it to be over. I am hoping for a quick recovery, and successful procedures. I was told at the "pre op" appointment, that we "hope" it works, but never a guarantee. I am a believer in positive thinking.... ( read last week's blog) so it WILL work & I WILL be better than ever in a few days. I would like a FF button right now. That's all.

     As the training is progressing, and my long runs are now 8 miles & increasing, there has been a need to supplement during the run. This is all new to me, and since I don't even hydrate during runs, --- don't question the bottles on my belt -I NEED the belt- ( again, see last weeks blog) this is all foreign territory to me.  On my 1st long run of the week, Thursday, I learned that fuel is needed during long runs. At about mile 5.5 of 8 I began to feel weak physically. I could still run, but my legs felt tired. Mentally I was still there, but lacking physically. I came home & started researching ( I'm an overachiever what can I say?). But I think know there is a science to this. This is why there are so many options for athletes. We are all different. I don't like to hydrate during runs because it gives me cramps & makes me feel sick to my tummy = not a fun run. But some of my runner friends HAVE to hydrate during longer runs. I decided to get some GU gel. Well, I'll rephrase---- I  wanted some GU, but finding it was a whole other story. But, thankfully the owner at Absolute Nutrition promised to keep it in stock for me. :) So go get your GU there!!! I typically have a protein bar and G2 after my longer runs... ( 4.5 miles and longer), but they are 200 plus calories, so I decided since I am adding mid run fuel I would look into options for post run protein. I found muscle milk 100 calories. YAY!!! BONUS!!! Tastes like chocolate milk & if I can save 225 calories to eat cookies use wisely later in the day, even better!!! The 3rd need I had this week was CHAPSTICK!!! OMG. I run with my mouth open, is that weird?? Anyway, my lips feel so chapped even during the run, so I have been loading up on the  precious stick. Much better. I am so thankful I am not running in the cold weather, dealing with snow & ice, so these few adjustments are really not that big of a deal, just trial and error & finding what I prefer & like & don't like... Plus it gives me more things to shop for to improve my running experience. Which reminds me ... I finally got some new ear buds, so no more sore ears & 5 extra minutes trying to shove & twist them into my ear for a seal so they don't pop out.  I went with the JVC marshmallows & <3 them. SO comfy & fit right in & don't move around. I can hear my heartbeat at times, maybe they should market them with a built in heart rate monitor. It didn't seem to help the music that came on Pandora this week though. But take a look, aren't the cute?!

   Now Onto the BLING!!!!! Race #2 in Run for the Bling of it... Today I did a Virtual Superbowl Race. I did 7 miles, for the Steeler's 7th Superbowl RING BLING!!!!!! Since I did a 8 miles on Thursday, it was a difficult 7 miles. It was fun seeing people out walking dogs, biking & running. I was very tired, but my time was pretty good for a long run. Well under 11 min mile.. total of 1 hour 14 mins. My goal is always a 10 minute mile average, but I am learning that on long runs, expect to be slower, and I just wanted to be under 11 min mile today, I was right about 10.30 .. so for a fatigued run, I am happy!!!!! I am at a point where I KNOW I can finish the half marathon, just a matter of doing it.  I did my part Steelers, it's all you now Baby!!!!!