Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Things, New Bling & New Rings....

     This week's training was different than any other week. I had to make some adjustments for next weeks "tune up". I frankly can not wait for it to be over. I am hoping for a quick recovery, and successful procedures. I was told at the "pre op" appointment, that we "hope" it works, but never a guarantee. I am a believer in positive thinking.... ( read last week's blog) so it WILL work & I WILL be better than ever in a few days. I would like a FF button right now. That's all.

     As the training is progressing, and my long runs are now 8 miles & increasing, there has been a need to supplement during the run. This is all new to me, and since I don't even hydrate during runs, --- don't question the bottles on my belt -I NEED the belt- ( again, see last weeks blog) this is all foreign territory to me.  On my 1st long run of the week, Thursday, I learned that fuel is needed during long runs. At about mile 5.5 of 8 I began to feel weak physically. I could still run, but my legs felt tired. Mentally I was still there, but lacking physically. I came home & started researching ( I'm an overachiever what can I say?). But I think know there is a science to this. This is why there are so many options for athletes. We are all different. I don't like to hydrate during runs because it gives me cramps & makes me feel sick to my tummy = not a fun run. But some of my runner friends HAVE to hydrate during longer runs. I decided to get some GU gel. Well, I'll rephrase---- I  wanted some GU, but finding it was a whole other story. But, thankfully the owner at Absolute Nutrition promised to keep it in stock for me. :) So go get your GU there!!! I typically have a protein bar and G2 after my longer runs... ( 4.5 miles and longer), but they are 200 plus calories, so I decided since I am adding mid run fuel I would look into options for post run protein. I found muscle milk 100 calories. YAY!!! BONUS!!! Tastes like chocolate milk & if I can save 225 calories to eat cookies use wisely later in the day, even better!!! The 3rd need I had this week was CHAPSTICK!!! OMG. I run with my mouth open, is that weird?? Anyway, my lips feel so chapped even during the run, so I have been loading up on the  precious stick. Much better. I am so thankful I am not running in the cold weather, dealing with snow & ice, so these few adjustments are really not that big of a deal, just trial and error & finding what I prefer & like & don't like... Plus it gives me more things to shop for to improve my running experience. Which reminds me ... I finally got some new ear buds, so no more sore ears & 5 extra minutes trying to shove & twist them into my ear for a seal so they don't pop out.  I went with the JVC marshmallows & <3 them. SO comfy & fit right in & don't move around. I can hear my heartbeat at times, maybe they should market them with a built in heart rate monitor. It didn't seem to help the music that came on Pandora this week though. But take a look, aren't the cute?!

   Now Onto the BLING!!!!! Race #2 in Run for the Bling of it... Today I did a Virtual Superbowl Race. I did 7 miles, for the Steeler's 7th Superbowl RING BLING!!!!!! Since I did a 8 miles on Thursday, it was a difficult 7 miles. It was fun seeing people out walking dogs, biking & running. I was very tired, but my time was pretty good for a long run. Well under 11 min mile.. total of 1 hour 14 mins. My goal is always a 10 minute mile average, but I am learning that on long runs, expect to be slower, and I just wanted to be under 11 min mile today, I was right about 10.30 .. so for a fatigued run, I am happy!!!!! I am at a point where I KNOW I can finish the half marathon, just a matter of doing it.  I did my part Steelers, it's all you now Baby!!!!!



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  1. Good job on the run! Too bad the Steelers didn't win the game though... :-( Fueling is such a big problem of mine as well. I am still trying to figure it out. The fact that I hate GUs is certainly not helping...