Sunday, March 27, 2011


       Did you miss me??  I didn't blog last week...many reasons. But probably mostly from a bruised ego. The events that unfolded on my first half were out of my control, however it doesn't make the sting any less painful. I am happy for the answers & a reason, but it was nothing less than a disappointment. Period. So, what do you do when you are stinging & disappointed??  SHOP!  I cried, pouted, was angry & the classic victim. I felt i was OWED the time to grieve. I really feel it compares to an athlete breaking a bone during the big game. Unfortunate circumstances beyond his or her control? Yes. Tragic? YEP. Heartbreaking?  Absolutely. But the show must go on! I still had to work,still have these beauties to look after & they need to see how to properly feel sorry for them selves get over things that are not fair & hurt.

     I can't lie. I feel a little burnt out on running. I LOVE it. OK, OK It's a love hate relationship. Still, I want to stay in half marathon shape. I DO NOT want to start over. So, I bought Turbo Jam DVDs . I wanted to add something fun & very cardio-like. I can't lie. I am HOOKED .. no pun intended. I ran maybe once after the half on 3/12/11. I was having fun learning the new workouts!! But I knew if I wanted to be able to maintain running , It requires oh, IDK RUNNING?  I have been working & taking care of the aforementioned beauties & let's face it... life is BUSY!!! No excuses today though. No work. No plans. Must RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!

It. was. fantabulous!!!!!!! More. to. come.

I earned this. Me & my body. Even with a 10 blood sugar level. We won! Never underestimate what you and your body, mind & spirit can do!

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