Sunday, April 17, 2011

Making adjustments

     SOOOOO... Today was the La Jolla Half Marathon  that I registered for.  I was super excited because it's BEAUTIFUL there... and it's one of the top 10 half marathon races... I am certain it's mostly for the beauty of it.  It's also know for it's HUGE hill at Torrey Pines. I was very excited to do this half and have a weekend in California.  Saturday was Steve's birthday, and celebrating in La Jolla, California was the plan.

                  Sometimes life God has a different plan. As a lot of you know, Steve has been working in Wisconsin the past few months. I am so proud of the sacrifices he makes daily for the benefit of our family. All 4 of us make sacrifices, but he is away from his bed, his home & his family. This weekend was one of those tough weekends. Not only did we have to skip the La Jolla Half Marathon, but Saturday was also Steve's birthday. We brought the birthday to him and La Jolla race to us.  We have kinda started a tradition with specialty cakes in our family. The girls & I found a bakery in Algoma to create & deliver a cake to Steve. :) We think they did a great job. Yes?

Cake from North Water Bakery 

My birthday Bun.

     IN order to get credit for RUN FOR THE BLING OF IT  ( 12 races in 12 months--read this blog) I needed to create a race in lieu of the La Jolla Half/5K and blog about it.  So, I creaked the Horsley La Jolla 5k. :) 
my registry confirmation
     We have been doing Turbo like CRAZY & Madisyn has really been really pumped about working out & has caught the "fire" . I am so proud of both of my girls for taking an interest in working out. Yesterday, Madisyn said " Mom, I think I wanna run with you tomorrow."  WHAAAT? Usually she thinks I am insane in the membrane for anything running. OF course I almost ruined it with my excitement. No worries I contained myself before embarrassing my 13 year old. So we set out to do 3 miles. La Jolla was either a half or a 5k. Makynzie would ride her bike. I told Madi I would run at her pace. We were holding about a 13 min/mile pace  ( Impressive for a very 1st run don't you think??) She held on a whole lot longer than I expected. After a little over  a mile of non stop running, she began to walk. I ran back and forth to her.Kynzie was riding up and down with us. Madi wanted to rock out on her ipod & I was feling the run. so we decided to part ways for a bit. I ran , she walked and Kynzie biked between us. I ran the remainder of the 5k. Madi ran/walked and finished. I am so proud of her. She didn't hate it!!! That's the only thing that matters in the beginning. I HOPE she falls in love with running, but if not, I don't care. I just want them to be happy being active no matter what we do. We find ways to make everything work for our family. We may not do everything like the "normal" family does, but we do us . The Horsley way. The only way for us.
After a 5K walk/run/ bike

After Madis's first unofficial 5K... See the runners glow??
     Being positive in everything you do is sooo contagious. Doing good things for your health, family & body make people want the same. We all want to be happy and feel great. I've asked myself many times, "Why do I do this?"  The above pictures ( I have no clue why they are fuzzy on here )  are exactly why. Do what you do. Make it yours. And never apologize for being happy. This life was a gift to you & it's your job to be thankful, embrace & enjoy it.  <3 <3 <3


  1. this is one my favorite posts of yours!!!

  2. nice post! Too bad you missed La Jolla, that's where I got my boobs. lol