Monday, December 27, 2010

Not fun and games anymore

Whew done with week 2 and i feel it. This week I busted out the Ben-Gay.. My daughters asked me why I smelled like mints. At least I smelled fresh I guess. This week I really focused on my workouts & put 110% effort into each of them. It was a difficult week to train with it being Christmas week & having extra hours at work, but I FORCED myself to do all of the training. It seemed each day I was fighting a new sore part. But, I pushed through it & it felt great. The day after Christmas was my "long" run. Which was only 4 miles. But it was sooooo amazing seeing all of the camaraderie out here. I see runners, bikers, walkers, in line skaters, you name it out here. There are side walks everywhere so you can go till your heart's content  you fall over. But between that and the weather, if you are a runner you are set. Which means no excuses. :/  This week I step it up a notch.. I feel ready but I am so worn out from holiday cheer & work that I am not gonna lie, I'm a lil nervous. But I will do it. :)
Week 3:

Mon: 2 miles ( woo hoo)
Tues: Strength & Stretch
Wed: 40 mins cardio- Zumba class
Thurs: 3.5 miles & strength
Fri: 3.5 miles
Sun: 5 miles

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