Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year roller coaster

Good things this week: I did all of my training despite it being holiday week. :) This week I RAN all of my miles , no walking, no stopping. I went up in time on the elliptical. I was feeling good about this week's training!!!!! Ok now on to the struggles. I was hoping this would be a great week all around, but nooooo. I began having foot pain in my right foot. There was a big debate on an ankle brace for foot support vs shoe inserts. Since I feel the issue is mostly because I have low arches & how I strike each step....I went with the inserts. The box said orthapedic.. So, yeah that was a positive feeling. ha! It felt much much better with them, so who cares what they are. I even slapped on Ben Gay before the eliiptical so I may have stunk out the place.. but who cares , right? You do what you gotta do! I thought I made the right choice with the inserts. Now on to the long run. SIGH....( Is the long run supposed to be the hardest of the week??). I was somewhat pumped because of my good week of accomplishments. But, I had celebrated the New Year, it was 30 degrees out, and I am struggling with another medical issue... But I felt like I can show all of those things who's boss. Uh, yeah. SO I got a new app on the droid, to map my distance and time. I hope that it sucks in accuracy. I felt it was a little off in my distance, making me run longer than I needed too. I have long blisters on my arches. HOW DO YOU GET A  3" LONG BLISTER?? I was running I stopped only for a second to make a decision to turn or go straight or adjust music... I was sooooo not happy looking at time. I was running! SO I walked a min here a there, not much at all. I ran probably 98% of the 5 miles. So who knows, but I did the best I could. But I had a feeling of disappointment, and soreness from the blisters... then realized I overcame a lot of small obstacles this week. I'm ok with it... we all have better runs than others. Same training this week as last.

Mon: 3.5 miles & lift
Tues: 40 mins cardio-elliptical
Wed: 2 miles
Thursday: 3.5 miles
Saturday: rest
Sunday: 5 miles
Here's to a better long run!!!!

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  1. I already told you but running is running. We all worry so much about time but why does it really flippin matter? You are doing great. Keep it up!