Sunday, January 30, 2011

Forward Movement

     Another week of training under my belt (yes I LOVE my Nathan belt, in case you weren't sure). I want need it for every run, just in case I decide to go skydiving while I'm out. Mine is pink cuz I run like a girl .

This week has been full of accomplishment, sadness, fear of the unknown and complete turn of events. I think it makes for extreme vertigo symptoms  an eventful week. The week began as usual.... nothing too exciting. I like my job and all, but you get it. In the Local 18 family, there was a double dose of tragedy. 2 members of the Local had their lives taken from here on this earth very tragically & unexpectedly. It's difficult to understand or process these kind of things sometimes. I have thought of them and their friends and families often this week.

                                                          RIP Rick Ingram and Randy Carter Jr.

     Due to scheduling, I had to move my long run to Tuesday. It was a new PDR of 7 miles. My mind was spinning, my thoughts spiraled out of control. I was still patiently impatiently waiting for my test results, just heard the news of the Local 18 members, and suffered from self doubt of the distance of the run. I knew I was capable of finishing the 7 miles, but allowed my negative thoughts to overwhelm me. I was 100% anxious before the run, almost to the point of feeling ill. I had to put my thoughts in check and take it a mile at a time. The weather was 60s and sunny. I found myself enjoying the run once I relaxed and let it all go. My pace was decent, considering how I was 5 mins before I left the house. As usual, when I was done I felt fantastic & had ZERO regrets. But, everything else was waiting for me when I got back. No phone call with results, people with sadness & pain, and now the possibility of Steve leaving for a job far away. Things always work themselves out, but when I give my mind even 10 mins of control, it has NO problem stepping up & taking over. There were important decisions that needed to be made, and I needed to be on top of my game. One day at a time right? My week continued. I went out to do a mid week 4.5 miler. This is particularly amazing to me this week. Here's why: When I started training, my LONG run was 3 or 4 miles. Now the 4.5 miler is a mid week training run. Another reason Hal's training rocks. It's gradual, and not so impossible  scary. I had some speed records set this week. One of my 4.5 milers was and average pace of 9:33, today's pace was UNDER 9 min mile. I am sure thinking it is a malfunction of the droid, but even looking at the time on the clocks, I think I may have to stop doubting. * GASP*....  Not until I take back control of my thoughts & relax & enjoy the beauty around me, the weather, the exercise & benefits do I take control of the runs. Lessons learned. Forward Movement. It was a very very great week for me personally as well as for my running progress. I think. See,  the DOUBT! SIGH. I need help.. See below. Great timing. <3 it!

May 1st 2009 -day before we were baptised TOGETHER!
       We went to church today.  We are so blessed to have the pastor we do, Jud Wilhite. SO very real & relevant. I am listened & laughed and hoped for the OH YEAH moment I typically get when attending. And about halfway through the sermon, there it was! Manage what God has given you, everything he has given you, the good AND the bad. Give it your best & be your best. No matter what it is. You can ALWAYS find a way to compare, but if you focus on what was given to you, you will find happiness. Make the absolute most of your circumstances. Don't be afraid of it, embrace it. Honor God in what you do & what you are given & he will bless you with more. Most successful people FAILED several times, they just choose to try AGAIN & AGAIN.  So what if some of my runs are awful less than stellar, they all can't be perfect. Life is FULL of junk & trials.... but I CHOOSE to keep trying. I am embracing each blessing I can from my family being separated temporarily. I am embracing the upcoming surgery I need to have, I will be a better healthier me. I am having a time of extreme gratefulness that my husband came home to my the nights those men lost their lives unexpectedly. I am happy to have occasional disagreements with my girls, because I am blessed to get to be their momma and get a new chance every day to be a better one. This reminded me of something my brother told me a year or so ago & I think & say it all of the time..... "You bring about what you think about". I LML and everything about it. It's not perfect, far from it, but if it was, there would be no need for tomorrow. Rock out whatever it is you do this week. Whether it's your  praying, parenting, singing, leadership, your job search, your workout, your relationships. Give it what you have & expect great things, and accept failure as a challenge to get back on your own personal horse. MAKE IT a fantabulous week!

Week 8 of Hal Higdon's Half Marathon Training ( with a few variations this week, but all miles accounted for.. the 9 on Sunday are next week's)

 Monday: 4.5 miles and strength
 Tuesday: 8.0 miles
 Wed: rest
 Thursday: 3.0 miles
 Friday: Strength & stretch
 Sat: 4.5 miles
 Sunday:9.0 miles            I am doing next weeks long run this week for 2 reasons.. #1 it's a virtual race 
                                                                 #2 avoid long run week of "tune up"

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