Sunday, January 9, 2011

Be Good To Yourself

     I am so grateful to be sitting at my laptop, feeling good,  grateful for the hard lesson I learned & the people who blessed my life this week. Things could have turned out very differently for me at the end of  this week----week 4 of 12 of my mini marathon training. I am a lucky girl.

     I have a medical issue & it's 100% legit. But how I chose to treat myself was wrong WAY wrong. I knew I was not making the best choice, but I thought the alternative was worse than the risk, and I can honestly say I didn't know the extent of my risk. Let's just say telling you any more detail would possibly for sure be TMI. You may figure it out without graphic details. I debated sharing with you, but I am so so so grateful to be alive that I don't want anyone to make the poor choice I made. Prior to this weeks training, I stopped, but it was too late for some side effects. Because I stopped & felt ok when I stopped & was ignorant to what I was doing to myself... it took a while for me to figure out what I had done. Anyone who knows me, knows my hormones & I disagree from time to time   frequently. So, when we were " disagreeing" I wasn't surprised, but it was going way too long. So I wondered-briefly & intermittently. I have been training.. so the extreme muscle pain & cramps weren't all that surprising. The kidney pain was something I questioned, as well as the eye twitching. I would wake in the middle of the night with pain & muscle cramps. I thought that it seemed a little much for the training I did, but maybe I was just being a baby. I started questioning things & thinking HARD (scary I KNOW) .. I started to look online at my "treatment". After a day or so of looking & denial. I came to the realization I got very very lucky I didn't kill myself. The kidney pain was REAL, the muscle cramps & twitching was not training.. The extreme struggle to finish 2 miles when I had easily done 3 miles was real. The extreme fatigue was real. Now what? Am I ok? What do I do? What DID I do?? I asked a good & knowledgeable friend for support & advice. Good news was I already stopped, bad news is that it takes time to rehydrate, re balance electrolytes, restore normal hormone levels..... OH and the problem is STILL there!!!! She was so kind & firm at the same time.I needed to hear each and everything she said. I am starting to feel much better, probably more so than anything due to knowing how lucky I am.That and G2. ;) 

     Now for the training recap!! :) The start of the week was difficult  excruciating-physically & mentally. I felt like I was going backwards!!! Even the 2 miler & just lifting was bad. I was just so off with everything. The training exertion was actually not helping, but I didn't know & I pushed through it.  I still did it, hard as it was. I give myself props for that ! LOL.... Friday I started feeling a little better & my second 3.5 miler of the week & the elliptical were fantastic.. Not to mention I met Brittney!!!! She is going to run with me & I am so so so glad I met her. This was the perfect week to meet someone to train with. We did 5 miles together tonight.YAY.. I am so pumped to train with her.


 However it doesn't compare to Susan's 14 miles today!!!!! She is my motivation & I'm so happy for her. WTG Susan!!! She rocks it all of the time & I just love her!! She lifts me up, grounds me, pushes me , understands me & tells me like it is!

Susan at a mini
 I am so happy for the events of this week. I am so happy my body is forgiving me & I am so happy that I signed up for the 2011 Challenge Run for the Bling of it!! 12 races in 12 months. Check it out here... I can't wait to meet fellow athletes (who would have thought I would EVER be an athlete??) I am in love.  <3       Listen to your body, love what you do & if you don't keep looking until you find what you love. Surround yourself with people that care about you & lift you up. What are you rocking out this week?

WEEK 5 /12:   MON: 40 min elliptical ( new love)
                        TUES: 2 miles
                        WED: Lift & stretch
                        THU: 4 miles
                         FRI: 6 miles
                         SAT: rest
                         SUN: 4 miles and lift

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! So proud of you for taking care of yourself. Keep it up girl!