Sunday, January 16, 2011

There's a Goal for Everything ?

     Finished with week 5..... YAY!!!!! How do I feel you ask? TIRED. Overall it's great & I'm energized, but this is the real deal Holyfield. There is a lot of time and energy spent training for something this big. It's a commitment for sure. When you are tired from work, or have a day off or not feeling the workout that particular day, a choice has to be made. Sometimes those workouts or runs end up the best, I"ll get surprised at how much better I feel, others I am counting the seconds until it's over. No one said it was going to be easy. But, really, are any goals easy? I don't think there would be much point setting goals if it wasn't a challenge of some sort. I am a goal setter, every single day there's at least one goal  many goals I set. That's how I get through each day. Get all the laundry done, scrub the shower today, pay the bills before work or I have to do this now or I won't have time later, etc. etc- you get the idea. If I am in bed and realize that I forgot something , I HAVE to get up to do it. So, this particular training plan is a blessing & works very well for me. Mr. Higdon  "Hal" ( I don't think he minds me calling him that, for we have spent HOURS together) , just spells it out all on black and white. So all that's left to do, is complete the task... some days are easier than others. I look at the calender & what is scheduled, that's what I do.. unless I switch days to accommodate work. But I have to do all of it.  It's right there is black & white... giving me the stink eye until I accomplish that goal. Then on to the next one. It's a vicious cycle I tell ya.

     Physically I am feeling better, still some residual side effects I am working through, but over all so much more energy. I can tell you my appetite is way up with all of this cardio! It's all about what I am eating next. I can not get enough peanut butter. It never gets old.EVER. I read  a magazine an article this week called "What's in the Bag" which features various celebs & what he or she has in his or her bag this issue featured Tracy Anderson-- trainer for Shakira, Gweneth & who knows who else, she also created The Method . I saw a Think Thin bar ( as well as various things she supposedly keeps in her purse).. On the front wrapper of Think Thin is a picture of a peanut butter spoon.... WHAT ?? JACKPOT!  .  She trains celebs so she knows her stuff, right?? Of course she probably doesn't ever eat more than spinach & carrots, but I'll eat the heck outta these bars.

     I accomplished a new PDR ( Personal Distance Record) this week... 6 miles at a time.. after 3 miles I walked 1 lap (12 laps is a mile) IDK why I walked it maybe doubt that I could finish the 6 without stopping?... I felt great during the run... so at the end of the 6, I sprinted a lap to make up for the one I walked. So I feel good saying I RAN 6 miles without stopping. I used to not like running with music... as the runs are getting longer, I NEED the music. I don't like to hear the same stuff over & over, so the ipod is out... I am rocking the Pandora Radio, but I am hoping I keep getting fresh music. I love getting surprised by a song that I love, but forgot about, or hearing a song for the 1st time & instantly falling in love. <3    I will say though I HATE my ear buds, or any ear buds in general. I am taking any and all suggestions for earbuds that are made for people who have strange ear canals or for runners. I don't think I should feel bruised in the ear after I have to shove the bud in to stay put. Why is it too much to ask to stay in my ear? If there aren't any good ones, my invention process commences now.

     So I can't lie, sometimes it's frustrating when Steve doesn't share the same thrill & excitement for running that I do. I understand, but it's one of those things that I wish I could really share with him. He is typically bored with my rambling about running. But this week he booked a hotel room on La Jolla beach ( hotel is at the finish line & beer garden party of the La Jolla half marathon) WHAT??? I nearly fell addition, that is HIS birthday, and I was already on a runner's high after completing week 5 of training... So yesterday was a good day :) I am sure it had nothing at all to do   everything to do with the fact it's on the ocean.  I am sure it won't be long before he reminds me what a great deed he did for me, but for now I'm so pumped~ except for the hill at Torry Pines. *shrieking* I have 5 of my 12 races scheduled from now through April , so I'm right on track for my "Run For The Bling of It " medal :D. I hope this coming week is just as good .......

Mon: 4 miles & weights
Tues: 50 mins cardio-elliptical
Wed: 2 miles--- I am gonna attempt some speed training for this
Thurs: 4 miles & weights
Fri: Rest
Sat: Thin Mint Sprint 5K ( this is in place of the 6 milers)
Sun: possibly hills or rest....

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  1. Angi

    First let me start by should look into doing some journalism in your "spare" time. You create the moment! I have just started hitting the gym. I want to first start working on dropping the additional 10-15 pounds I have been tugging around since Brody was born 2yrs ago. Then at that point.....I think it will all start coming together! What are your suggestions for someone like me who is just starting out? I am inspired and have the drive however just don't know where to begin. As you know there are so many "regimens" out there.....what are your suggestions?
    Thanks & I look forward to your thoughts!!!!
    Angle :-)