Saturday, January 22, 2011

Half Empty Half Full

     Training is officially half OVER!  Week 6 CHECK! DONE! OVER! I am typically a positive person, but in this case, the positive is that I am on the downhill spiral slope. It has been very doable so far. I love Hal's training plan. I can't lie, it takes a lot of time & work and effort. Not to mention thinking. Every single day you think about it, you plan it & then DO IT. Then you come home and recover, rehydrate & prepare for the next day.  No escaping it, not even rest day--you are thinking about tomorrow. It can be overwhelming at times. You have to want it & love it. Sometimes I question my reasoning or my time spent killing myself doing what I love. After working and being a momma & wife, sometimes there is not much leftover for myself or running. Other days I feel like I NEED the running to be a better wife, mom, employee & friend. It clears my head, fuels my day, and gives me goals for me myself and I . I can pick the training, the pace, the music, the races. No one can argue with me, it's all my choice. Another plus. Just sayin'.

     This week was a supposed to be a slower easier week, because of the scheduled 5k. I have to wonder if Hal knows at the halfway point we NEED a lil break. So, I went into it giving it my all, like usual. I found the week to get tougher and tougher as the days passed drug. There was not good workout this week. EVERYTHING was tough. I did it, but i struggled. Still, trying to rehydrate and get back on track, I had a setback that changed the whole week. I went to the doctor expecting a basic check up & a change in prescription. But, uh, no. I was taken back by his findings, and concerns & requests for tests. I don't have time for this, not in my thoughts, not in my daily mom & wife gig, let alone my training plan..( see 1st paragraph). I then realized he was right, there were things that needed addressing. How can I expect so much from my body if I don't take care of it?? I told him about training ( it follows you everywhere you go, everything you do) and my desire need to continue with it. He was very understanding ( for now). I got all the tests done & now am playing the waiting game. I am not very good  suck at the waiting game. I have been paying closer attention to things, and yep prolly need some tuning up. I am hoping not an overhaul. :/

At the start.... hoping for a good race.

     So, the highlight of the week was the Thin Mint Sprint 5K. Well, it was supposed to be anyway. I was so so so nervous. I get nervous before races, but more excited than nervous. This was 100% nerves. It was my 1st Nevada race, my 1st race without a friend running with me, and with the waiting game cloud over my head. It was also my family's 1st race experience. I wanted so badly for them to experience the excitement of the crowd, the music & event in general. So, we pull into the park. NO signs, so traffic, not many people. I pulled out my paper to verify we were there on the right day. Yep , that small. So, now I am nervous my family will hate it & be bored & never want to go with me again. SIGH. We figure out where the small crowd is finally. There was 1 table for packet pick up, 1 for late registration. I was told to "be back here by 9 for the start." ME: Here? Her: Yes , here. ---- I look around and think...ummm do we need a start finish line? A timing mat? Music? Isn't there a festival after the race? Oh boy. Ok... LOL! About 8:50, the mat is being thrown down & set up. At 8:55 NO ONE is in line to start- just a slight gathering of people. 9 am comes and goes. I'd say about 10 after , we get called for instructions. So finally we start. 2 laps around... The walkers start after us. I take off feeling good & excited. My music is going, my family is snapping photos--here I go. That was the best I felt. No endorphins, nothing. Just struggled . All 3 miles. Pandora let me down. (Music makes a difference). I never felt even halfway good. I felt shaky, uneasy, outta place, weak & just plain out of it the whole time. I gave up on my goal of sub 30 mins early on. I forgot to look at my watch when I started. No clue what my time was. On the 2nd lap, we caught up to the walkers, strollers, etc. There were some spots where you couldn't pass, etc, etc. I seriously thought I would be about 34 minutes at the finish. So when Kynzie told me 30:25 I was happy & disappointed all at once. Happy I even got that good of time, but disappointed that I was THAT close to being under 30 mins!!! I woulda dug deeper & got that 30 secs shaved off. I was soooo happy to see my family at the finish taking pics. I felt sooooooo weak & strange.. I run more than 3 miles at a time several times a WEEK. Sometimes it's just not your day. And with the events of this week, I am happy to have got the time I did. But, I got race #1 of #12 for Race for the Bling of it under my belt. :) Not all races will be big & elaborate I know, I was just hoping for my family's 1st it would have been a little larger. At least a cop directing or blocking traffic or even someone's boom box for music overhead. Not every race can be my best & after this week , I will sooooo take 30:25.
It's finally OVER!

WEEK 7: ALL mileage increases as well as cardio day time. :) Please pray. Thanks & Come Again

4.5 miles
2 miles
Strength & stretch
4.5 miles & strength
50 mins cardio
7 miles


  1. you didn't say but I'm sure your fam had fun! I'm sure they loved being there cheering on their favorite runner. Way to rock it Ang!

  2. Good job on your race! I wanted to dig deeper during mine, too, but before I knew it, I saw the finish line and there was no time to dig.

    Have a great week!

  3. Awesome job on the 5K! No doubt, you'll break 30 minutes on your next 5K. :)